Thoughts on Thomas Beatie

Thoughts on Thomas Beatie…

The question Thomas Beatie asks society is what makes a man, and what makes a woman. The answer is many things in the eyes of present society, which is why they find Thomas both a curiosity and disturbing. A Vagina is part of what makes a woman, as is the ability to bear children, but woman don’t have facial hair, a lack of breast, and they are typically named something different than Thomas.

Men do have facial hair, a lack of Breast tissue, and are sometimes called Thomas. They have deep voices and muscles, just like Thomas, but they usually come with a penis, not a vagina, and have never before used that vagina to give birth.

So what makes a man and what makes a woman? If a genetic female looses her reproductive organs and breast to cancer, is she less of a woman? If she goes bald from chemotherapy and starts growing facial hair because of hormone therapy to cure her cancer, is she less of a woman? If she was born with a deep voice or has muscles because she was a body builder, does that make her less of a woman? I think we can all agreed the answer is no.

So what maintains her status as a woman? Isn’t it how she identifies with herself?

If a man looses his penis and testicles on the battlefield, is he now a woman, or does he have the right to live out the rest of his life as a man without a penis and testicles?

The deciding factor for gender is the mind or how you feel about yourself. Thomas Beatie is a man because he says he his. The fact that he reproduced using a set of female reproductive organs means nothing. It’s that simple.

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